How it works

Copy a glyph

With the Font Inspector we made it super easy to copy glyphs to your clipboard. All you need to do:

  1. Load the font that contains glyphs you want to copy (use the uploader for local fonts or search for fonts in our database).
  2. Search for the glyphs you want to copy (you can use the + / – to make the glyphs in the grid bigger if it is hard to see).
  3. Found the glyph? Great! Now just click it!
  4. That is it, you will see a green confirmation box on the top right saying that the glyphs has been copied.
  5. Now you can go to the application you are working in and just paste the glyphs. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you select the same font. If you select a different font it might show different or as a square.